Removed Team Member still Member of Team!

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I have a Private TEAM that has Dynamic Members. 

One of the current Users needs to leave the Team.

I have updated the Azure AD Group "Dynamic Membership Rule" which affectively removed him from the Azure AD Group.

The User is no longer in the Azure AD Group.

However, the User is still able to access the Private TEAM and is still showing as a Member (in both Client and Web Client).

I am unable to manually remove the User from the TEAM using the Client as it is Dynamic ("This team has membership settings that prevent you from adding or removing members.").

It has been over 24 hours since the change to the "Dynamic Membership Rule".

Any suggestions / help as to why this is would be appreciated? 


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It can take some time for changes made in Azure AD to be reflected in Teams. If more than 24h have passed, open a support case.