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We have a Microsoft 365 Business Premium tenant, and we would like to block all access to Teams for one or more employees. I'm testing this with a user account that has had Teams access; the employee has left the company and I changed that account password. 
According to MS, "You can disable or enable Teams for a user by removing or assigning a license at any time.". Definitely after removing that license the app gets removed from the online Office "dashboard" but if I login to a locally installed Teams client app as that user, the account still has normal Teams access.  ??
Is this a bug or is it just a matter of it taking a period (of hours, days, etc) for the Teams service to pickup the change? It's been 24hrs so far.

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Just wait a while. In addition, you can disable the user in Azure AD/Microsoft 365 Admin center.

@kvaden357  You can reset the user's password and force a sign out - the article I link to below goes over all of the options for securely removing someone's access.


Use Sign Out Now:


More info:

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@kvaden357 but to echo what @Vasil Michev  said, if you are just wanting to restrict access to Teams it does take a while for the license changes to propagate.  Lately, we had one where the license didn't fully propagate for about 48 hours.

Thanks, but the user(s) need to remain enabled; we just don't want them in Teams.
>..had one where the license didn't fully propagate for about 48 hours
Ok...I'll give it another couple days. Frankly I wondered if that was the case, as recently I renamed a user & changed email address and Teams was majorly lag'n behind updating compared to the other included MS services. Took the entire weekend plus a bit longer. Sigh...

@kvaden357 Yeah, I think lately the delays are because their infrastructure is under such a heavy load right now with the pandemic...but we were scratching our heads trying to troubleshoot the licensing issue for a while - turned out every time we were resetting the license we just made it worse, lol.  Prior the pandemic 48 hours would be unthinkable for propagation.  Hopefully it eases up as they add resources.

Thanks Ethan. I checked this morning, finally took effect, so somewhere between 30-36hrs. Less than expected, more than desired. As you say, hopefully this improves but for now I still see a lot of what I call "fade" (fade in, fade out) in overall MS service performance. Checking their "Service Health" page this morning; degradation reports for Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint. :(