Recording Policy is set to onedrive, but recordings still saved in stream

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Hello all,


we had after knowing about this upcoming changed the storage location of the policys to Onedrive, but the recordings are still saved to Stream. 

Do i need to do something else for saving the recordings in Onedrive? 



Thanks in advance.

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@Kabohne Hi, you should verify that the setting is set correct by using:


Get-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy -Identity <the policy/policies> and what the parameter -RecordingStorageMode is set to. Also verify that the policy is assigned properly.


Bear in mind that it takes quite some time for a policy to take effect.



here is the output:


Identity : Tag:CompanyName_VIP_MeetingPolicy
AllowCloudRecording : True
RecordingStorageMode : OneDriveForBusiness


We have waited 48 hours now, should it take that long? 


What do you exactly mean by 'assigend properly' ? 


@Kabohne Hi, I had to wait 48+ hours at one point when changing policies, so it could be that. What I mean by assigned properly is that you can assign different policies to a user. So look at the user who's recording (in the Teams admin portal for ex.) to see which meeting policy is assigned to that user. In case all looks good and it still doesn't work by tomorrow I would open up a support ticket with the official MS support.

@Kabohne Was the issue resolved by simple waiting?



No. It wasnt. Seems the problem was, that funcionality wasnt fully rolled out to our tenant. 6 weeks later or so it did worked without doing anything new or something.