Recording meeting has disappeared

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Have previously used the recording function without issue, but when we went to our sprint demo today the function wasn't available. As in it wasn't listed. 


Has this capability been removed? 



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Hi @AIWelsh,

In the meeting, it should have been in the meeting controls and select More options More options button > Start recording.

Only specific people in the meeting can start or stop recording. See here -

It may explain why you couldn't record. Also

- Both the meeting organizer and the recorder must have Office 365 Enterprise E1, E3, or E5 licenses.

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Thank you so much; the penny has dropped, in so much as we now know that you have to be in a meeting and we can't record from just a call.  As there was only one person dialling in we didn't create a meeting, but just dialled him directly. 


lesson learned. 

@Christopher Hoard 


I was able to record a meeting two hours ago.

Now, I can not see the recording button from my laptop, but I can see the recording button on my mobile phone.


Any idae?


@CharlesTohJS I have the exact same issue. Did a test meeting afterwards and the start recording option was on again. did the meeting and again the option was gone but it was there on my iPad app.

@Christopher Hoard it seems the new ios update for ipads has removed record meeting from Teams. Is that something that anyone else is experiencing. The update now allows live captions and blurring the screen but seems to have removed the option for recording which was essential for us. Any idea about why this has been removed? I have the old version of the app on my phone and that seems to still provide the recording facility.


I would raise that to support - I am pretty sure that recording is meant to be there for IOS devices

Best, Chris
I recorded the meeting. Stopped the meeting. Now I am seeing different messages from Windows and iPhone app. The first one says “meeting started” and the second one “meeting in progress” but no recording is available even after six hours.
Can you see it in Stream?

If not I would submit a ticket on that one to Microsoft support

Best, Chris

@CharlesTohJS@Christopher HoardI am having the same problems this morning. I did 2 test meetings this morning and both times the following happened.


On my computer I started the meeting through the Teams (thick) Client. I looked at the ( ... ) for options to record meeting and did not find any.


On my IOS iPhone I was able to join meeting. I looked at the ( ... ) for options to record meeting and was able to find the button to record the meeting.


Both times, no option on computer to start meeting, Both times I was able to record meeting.


I have a gut feeling that I have the correct licensing, and that I have the correct permissions with my user account ( I could be wrong though?)


Is there a setting somewhere that allows to only record through IOS but not through Teams Client?


I think I will now go to another user and look at this some more. .. hmmm.

Teams Record not.jpg

@ChampTech I am also having the same issue since yesterday for random users, have you find any solution to it? I believe this update is causing this malfunctioning. 




Major update: Announcement
Applies To: All

For customers with Office 365 A1 and A1 Plus licenses, Teams meeting recordings will no longer automatically upload to Microsoft Stream effective August 20, 2020.


@omerahm135 What the issue was with my user, they were using the 32 bit version on a 64 bit machine. When disabling the New Meeting Experience, the option came back to record the meeting. As I did not want to do that, I installed the 64 bit version of teams and enabled the new meeting experience and then the record button came back.

Hope it helps you or any other that is having the issue.

I have the exact same issue where teams doesn't show the record button on Windows 10 desktop but does show on the mobile devices

@RuudR This, record button disappearing, happened to me also. I had multiple Teams windows open. I exited all of them then returned to the meeting and the button re-appeared. 

We having same issue, strangely when logging into web Client i can recorder meetings, but join the same meeting on the desktop client the meeting button is greyed out. Has any one managed to resolve it i have uninstalled cleared app data folder but nothing seems to resolve this

@devanv Same situation here:


In the Teams-App there is no button available (grey).



But in the WebVersion, the button is available.


Same account - same meeting...


Strange, isn´t it?



@AxelRumkorf Sorry for Late response we have managed to sort ours out by clearing the teams folder of all cache and worked Outlook and teams have to be closed in order for everything to be cleared



hope this helps anyone else aswell