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Hello all, 


I'm having trouble figuring out how to allow my students to record small group discussions in their "Channels." I have the class set up as a "Team," and each student has been placed in a group (a "Channel") of 4 or 5 for small group discussion of the course readings. I would like to have the students record their group discussions and send them to me so that I can comment and provide feedback. I see where I can record a meeting of the entire "Team" (i.e. the whole class). But I did a test run of trying to record a private "Channel" within that "Team" (basically, I made one of my colleagues a member of the "Team" and then gave him "Owner" status in a specific "Channel"). But when he initiated a meeting in the "Channel," he did not have the option to record the meeting. Has anyone else tried to do this? Is there a setting I have to change to allow the "Channel" meetings to be recorded?


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@drdpedersen  currently you can have a Meet Mow -meeting in a private channel but you cannot schedule a meeting to a private channel. You can not record a private channel MeetNow meeting.


an alternative could be having group chats that have a schedule and meet now options and meeting there and record then send.

@PDostiyar I appreciate the advice! But I'm a little confused about how that workaround solves my issue. If my goal is to have students meet virtually in smaller groups simultaneously and record those meetings, you are saying that I am NOT able to schedule those, right? Are the "group chats" to which you refer another function of TEAMS? Or are you saying I would have to have just one group at a time show up to a meeting in the full group forum?


Thanks again.

@drdpedersenWell group chat is not a separate function while it is the same as chatting 1-1 or chatting with Multi people in one chat session is a group chat that you can rename and pin it to the chat session, while you will have one Team in your Teams section that has a general channel and maybe a private channel as per needs since private channel does not support recording and Schedule meeting as of today so the workaround is to go to the chat section and create group chat name it and they can schedule meeting and record it if you are a member there is no need to share if not they can be shared with you from the stream as every recording is saved in Microsoft Stream.


I hope that is clear enough now and here is the link about how group chat works....

@drdpedersen Hello Sir, 


I have been attending the meeting on a private channel by login through teams via mobile, I found the  Start recording option. I am surprised to see this option if anyone wants to record the meetings in a private channel, I would like to ask them to login in teams using a mobile phone, you should find the start recording option for sure. Thanks all. Hope you all get some relief from this :)