Recorded Meetings are not Saved to Microsoft Stream

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When I record a meeting on Teams, usually I get "Recording has stopped, saving recording to Microsoft Stream" before I get view icon. Unfortunately, for my last two meetings this message persists for almost a week with no success.

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We had a user with a similar issue some day ago there might be some trouble with the stream service!
I’d suggest you create a ticket with Microsoft to sort this out! Please let us know!

Yeah, same issue cropped up here on Tuesday.

As Adam said it would be best to raise a ticket in this case.

Best, Chris

@adam deltinger , will do, thanks. If I get a fruitful feedback, I'll update the post.

That’s great! Thank you
I am having same issue. Can anyone tell me how to create a ticket for this issue ?

Even I faced the same issue... but after some time it resolved. Teams taking time to fetch the recorded one and moreover the time depend on the recorded length... So keep calm & wait :happyface:

1) My video recordings done through MS team mobile app since today are not being saved on stream. What changes in settings are required to restore video saving process in stream
2)How to access the video links not saved on stream ?
3)How to download attendee data through mobile app
4) How do debar an invited attendee from MS team

@asthadewan This was sent out some time ago.  Change took effect on 08/20/2020.



For customers with Office 365 A1 and A1 Plus licenses, Teams meeting recordings will no longer automatically upload to Microsoft Stream effective August 20, 2020. 

Key points

  • Timing: August 20, 2020
  • Roll-out: tenant level
  • Control type: user control
  • Action: review and assess

[How this will affect your organization]

This change is expected to last through the end of 2020, and Microsoft will provide updates for further changes. Meetings recorded before August 20 are not affected by this change.

Following this change, your end users will continue to be able to record Teams meetings.

  • To playback the meeting recording, participants will need to download the file from the chat window.
  • To share or archive a recording, meeting participants will need to download the file and then upload it to Teams, Stream, SharePoint, or OneDrive.

Meeting recordings will be available in the meeting chat for a period of 21 days after the meeting. After 21 days, the meeting recordings will no longer be available for download from the chat.

The download dialog includes the expiration date.



[What you need to do to prepare]

Review the change and consider how to advise your end users of the change. Learn how to upload a video to Stream




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The video recording were saved till 24-8-20 without any problem. It's only 26-8-20, this problem is being faced. However, there is no Recording saved in chats also nor in stream
So, do you use A1?


@ShamekaSmalls But why is that, I mean people here are annoyed because of this change, because that gives them more work when they recording their classes. There's people who bandwith is not enough.


@betoescalona and the joke is the update says we are pleased to announce the roll out of this "feature" to your organisation - meanwhile they are taking AWAY a useful feature and downgrading us #incompetence

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@Iceman_1970 Hi, just a heads up that the change isn't permanent to A1. It's a temporary change while Stream is working on infrastructure improvements.


Lets say you have all the prerequisites for recording/saving in Teams/Stream, if the user isn't A1 the recordings will continue to go to Stream automatically. Otherwise the recordings stays within Teams 'cloud storage' for 21 days where you can deal with it manually (download/upload).


I totally understand the disappointment, but then again it is a temporary change.

ok glad to hear that
i face the same problem. how to make a ticket to Microsoft?



I was looking at the thread, does it still stand, Teams Saved Video not automatically stored in Streams and 21 Day period, afterwards will be deleted....Just wanted to get an update, thanks for your response..

Yeah, I have no idea why this change was made. **Shrugs Shoulders**
I haven't received any new updates regarding this, so I honestly don't know.

@ShamekaSmalls Hello, I just want to let you know that my previous reply isn't relevant now as Microsoft has decided to move the Teams recordings from Stream to OneDrive and SharePoint. You can read all about it here


In other words you should talk to your IT to find out which path your org. has taken (opt-in or out) to get an idea of when this is happening for you.


Hope this will make things more clear!