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I have been searching for specific information about how this list is populated. When you click on Chat in Teams, a 'Chat List' or 'Recent' view of chats is displayed. We have several questions about this list that I can't find answers for and am hoping someone can help. 


1. Is there a timeframe or period for which chats will be displayed? 

2. Is there a maximum number of chats that will be displayed?

3. If I hide a chat, will another chat (that might have not been displayed if outside the timeframe or max number of chats) become available?


If anyone has any information to share,

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1. It used to be 30 days. But I got stuff back 5 months now seems to be the cut off.
2. Not that I am aware long as they fit in that window.
3. Hiding just hides them, and even if they go past the 5 month window if you chat with the same people / search and use the chat etc. it will appear back on top of your recent list if you send a message but chats persist forever unless a retention policy is applied to your chats to be removed after x days. The recent list is just that, shows recently used (5 months isn't exactly recent but that seems to be the time range) or not hidden chats.

Hope that helps.

@JoleneHanrahan  I don't think there is a number limit set for the recently chat as even the chats/group chat or meeting that are past can be searched and find, besides if you hide a chat/group you still be able to search it and unhide it, there is 15 pin chat/group chat/ or meeting that you can pin to recent.


Though I also see you are able to only see the limited number but as you scroll it expends and stops at some point so there is no exact number limit as far I know.


Here is the Docs about some of the Limits and specifications about Teams...