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Hello from the Autotmotive Sector: I am writing to see if there is a work around for the SHIFTS, EVENTS over lap problem. Some events can overlap ( end of one event is the start of the next shift segment) but others have a forced 5 minute gap. I think the issue is with the error proofing logic. Submitted a "Customer Voice" 1 year ago without luck Any work arounds? Thank you for your time.
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Hi @moorej2050  The Shifts team was not online during yesterday's virtual events AMA, so I'm moving this to the main Teams discussion forum.

@ThereseSolimeno Ok Thanks. May I have the link to that? Also will someone from that team answer? I submitted this issue in the Customer Voice last April so I an hoping to get a response. 

I reached out to the PMs to respond to this by Friday.  Link didn't change:

Therese: Thank you so much for the help. We have a really great use case here using Teams shift data to cross filter machine state data ( from and open source system ) in PowerBi. All inside of Teams. Happy to share the concept some time if you or your team is interested. Thanks again.



Hello Therese: 

 I did not receive an answer from the Shifts team as of yet. Thank you for your help.


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I'm so sorry, Jeff - I will ping that group again.