"Test your equipment before you join..." ?


... for external attendees where we do not have control over their equipment.. there something like a test function for Microsoft Teams?


When I join some other videoconferencing solutions via invite sent to me with an email, I usually find something like "Test the Audio/Video capabilities of your device before joining the conference..." on the entry page. Usually a link to a test room, or some test scenarios, or some diagnostic software which checks out if my camera, microphone and my speaker. Or even checks out if the attendee cannot install Teams, perhaps due to missing permissions...


Is there something like that for Microsoft Teams meetings?


Yeah, when it comes to checking audio/video, there are all the nifty tools of Windows. But imagine, if something does not work and the attendee-to-be calls in and we have to go through all the different troubleshooting tools. Or imagine the attendee is on a Mac. And so on... 


Lately, I run into attendees who have with or without their knowledge disabled the microphone and the camera due to privacy protection in Windows 10. Sometimes their equipment lacks the right drivers, or is anyway not up to date. Sometimes the microphone has been glued, you name it. 


And all happens (usually) 5 minutes before the meting starts. You've been there too, right?


Thus, it would be great if there was some kind of test link or capabilities check. And perhaps with hints on what to check or even fix it when something was wrong. Am I too wishful?


How are you guys doing this? 





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I'm not aware of a tool that combine all of these tests together.
But i think you should raise a uservoice item, this is having some potential i think.

Hi @Erwin Bierens ,


Thanks for the feedback. I have filled an entry at Teams User Voice .


But in the meantime, I would be interested what could be done to help occasional external attendees to make sure their equipment is ready for a good user experience with Microsoft Teams Video Meetings. 


Any link, tool or hint is very appreciated.

Perhaps there is already a "fix-it" like tool for Teams?




@DanHuber voted for your user voice idea.


One thing, although only informational, could be to use the actions available on changing/updating the invite information. I.e help link and footer text.


Have a web page for “smart tips” to check out video/sound on a device and to checkout they are working and set that as the help URL.


Use the footer text to highlight/“push” the user to check out the help page.


Not as good as your idea but some of your attendees might actually follow the instructions.

Thanks @Nicklas Lundqvist ,


*are* there such "smart tips" links I could reuse and not having to re-invent the wheel?



@DanHuber I have thought about creating something “simple” but haven’t gotten around to it as of yet. So sadly I have nothing to share @ the moment. I made a quick search but nothing obvious came up.


If I get around to doing it in the near future I can share it here.

Thanks @Nicklas Lundqvist , I'll do the same.


Thanks @DanHuber 

But seriously, a year and a half later and this still doesn't seem to be there.  I got invited to a job interview later this week on Teams (not zoom).  But since I am an individual, not working for a place that uses teams, I don't seem to have any way to test this until the interview.  :(  Its one thing to have problems connecting with co-workers 5 minutes before weekly status meeting -- Its quite another thing to have issues right before a stressful job interview that will decide if you become employed and feed your family!


I try to download teams on my computer to do this and it keeps telling me to go to Skype since I am an individual.  :(


Microsoft -- why isn't this test in the invite yet???

Just on here looking this up because I have an interview from home tomorrow. Can't seem to find a way to test before showtime... Nothing like a little added stress to an already stressful situation.
Has anyone figured out how to get Teams to accept external microphones? I have a Samson 2 that works on every other platform but Teams blocks it and I have to use my built in microphone.


It is in "Settings" now.