Questions on Reporting against Various Office 365 Services

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Hi Experts, 


One of our customer raised the below query:


We currently extract on a per call, pers session from the Lync.LcsCDR database which is on prem. This is done from our app and runs a SQL script that for each result set shows all details about the modality, this is audio, app share, IM, file transfer. This information is then translated into our internal format and we then allow our customers to run our reports. These can be details or summaries. We do not use the Reporting offered by Skype for business online/Teams. Both our product and Skype for business are on prem.


We have concerns on how this information will be accessed when the Skype for business Online/Teams is all in the cloud. We aware that the cloud offering will be multi-tenant , so each LcsCDR will contain different customers data, so for security there will be no access to this database at all. However, the current reports available via office 365 were not good enough as we require a list of every modality and not pre-made reports.


So our question is basically how can we can access to modality details for Skype/Teams when it is in the cloud ?


Any pointers would be of great help.


Many thanks!!

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It really depends on what details you want. Get-CsUserSession gives you detailed information on each session, for all modalities:


Apart from that you can harvest the reports and the CQD data.