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I'm using a Lenovo SmartHub 500 with a Teams Rooms Standard license.  I can't dial PSTN numbers from within a Teams meeting on the SmartHub.  


Does the audio conferencing portion of the Teams Rooms Standard license include the "Dial Out From A Meeting" capability listed here?


Or do I have to assign a calling plan?



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Hi @Mike D 


As per my understanding of the Audio Conferencing Licenses you should be able to Dial-Out from the Teams Meeting when you are into the meeting. This Dial Out limit is 60mins per user per month basis pooled on the Tenant. You would not be able to Dial directly from the Meeting Room.


In case you want to Dial Directly from the Meeting Room without any Teams Meeting you need to have a Calling Plan assigned to the MTR Account or Direct Routing Enabled for the Account.


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Satish U

Thank you. I have tried your suggestion and it appears to be working now.