Process Automation with Microsoft Teams & Power Platform


I had a customer ask me to take what I presented during a workshop and make it available. Hope this is valuable for you. HERE is the video, description below.

Looking for a way to simplify complicated, multi-layered processes that take too long and require too many sign-offs/approvals/people? For Thomas and his team at HAVI, this was their new-hire on-boarding process. Something that should only take hours was taking them 2-3 weeks. They decided to leverage the existing technology they owned and built, and with Microsoft Teams and Power Platform, they delivered a no-code solution to completely transform the process and reduce it to 40 minutes. Hear from them as well as see "behind the scenes" for how they created this solution and the process behind it.

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@Jace Moreno Hello! Thanks for sharing. I'm moving this to the Microsoft Teams discussion space (the space you've posted in is intended for conversation about the Microsoft Tech Community website only). 

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