Problem with switching teams from one account to another

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I have a primary account in my company's tenant, there is secondary account in the customer's tenant account, there is also a guest account for a primary account in customers tenant. I have to switch between all 3 frequently.


There are multiple issues that I'm facing with switching between accounts

1. The first problem is when I'm trying to switch from the primary account to guest account in most cases it does not switch the org but instead trying to join me to the random meeting. It doesn't matter if I choose to join or close the meeting - teams crash and restarts back to the secondary account/customers tenant.

2. When I signed in under the secondary account in customers tenant and trying to join to meeting from the primary account it tries to switch the org, then teams crash and restarts with a secondary account again and again.

3. Overall switch account and sign in the process takes so much time and super slow.

4. By some reason, teams cached my secondary account, but I have to sign in again and again for my own account and it keeps asking for a login and pwd and unable to cache my primary credentials.


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The switching is not ideal, but it shouldn’t crash! Check the Teams logs or just try to do a reinstall!

I’d also suggest you use separate browser profiles for each account except your primary one! There’s also other alternatives as creating web apps with chrome or edge chromium Etc! There are previous posts about this topic!!


@adam deltinger  You might be rigth - the client is not crashing, but it looks like a crash and restart :) Here What I see in the errors in the log  when trying to switch the org for the primary account:

Tue Jun 04 2019 13:51:28 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time) <27440> -- error -- SSO: ssoerr - (Context) Unable to retrieve logged in user UPN. Error: Error: ADAL error: 0x534 
warning -- No saved context found to resume from.
Tue Jun 04 2019 13:51:28 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time) <27440> -- warning -- No saved context found. Creating a new context.
Tue Jun 04 2019 13:51:28 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time) <27440> -- error -- SSO: ssoerr - (Context) Unable to retrieve logged in user UPN. Error: Error: ADAL error: 0x534
2019 13:51:29 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time) <27440> -- error -- ADAL: Incorrect values. IDP:false;ISS:true;Config:72f988bf-86f1-41af-91ab-2d7cd011db47

The same works fine in a browser - this is how I workaround it now.

Seems odd- but make sure you're not flagged as a risky user in azure:


Another error you might see is:  Your sign-in was blocked.  We've detected something unusual about this sign-in. For example, you might be signing in from a new location, device, or app. Before you can continue, we need to verify your identity. Please contact your admin.

@Aleksandr_Andruschenko Looks like organization switcher will solve this problem (if you're still having it)

@DomKent Thanks, Org switcher works faster now with the single user I'll check experience and get back to you. At the same time, the problem remains when you have multiple team accounts and multiple guest accounts on top. 



I've been following this thread and related threads for nearly four years and can't believe there's no resolution.


While I've experienced this issue first-hand many times, I've never actively tried to solve it.


That said, Mio has created a workaround with its new universal channels tool. While it's not the primary use case for Mio, you can install a universal channel in your team and invite guests to join it too. They don't need to be in your domain/tenant. Just send them the URL and they join your team.

This way, you can message between Teams to Teams without switching tenants.


This tool was designed with the primary use case of inviting Slack or Webex Teams users (so you can chat to them without leaving Teams) but it works just fine for the Teams to Teams use case.


You can install directly here:


Instructions included here, should you need them:



I am a freelancer who has three 365 accounts (two company ones and my gmail) and I also get invited to Teams calls as a guest.


Teams is absolutely useless at dealing with this multi account scenario. I now tell people to not invite me to Teams as a guest but only use Zoom, Goto etc. Anything but Teams otherwise I spend 10 minutes going round in circles and giving up. A colleague has the exact same issue.


Please fix this Microsoft. In the meantime I will carry on using other services not Teams.

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@ACAKB5 Hey, for what it's worth MS are 'working on it' and you can follow the progress at the UserVoice request


Vote on it to get updated when status changes.

@ChristianBergstromthank you     I have added my vote   The last Msoft update was Dec 19 - not very fast moving!

I am also facing this issue since last 3 months since my corporate account has been added to my Vendors teams so that I can access our common channel. Never faced any issue in joining calls setup by external teams but accessing channels and teams is a big issue. Surprisingly I have been part of one the Microsoft Channel and that also not working. 

I thought there might be my organization policy but I check and its not and the problem is with Teams only


Hope this issue will resolve soon so that we all can work seamlessly without boundaries.


I got the same issue, desktop app. web browser, even mobile app tells me that I dont have access to my main organisation and instead use the second where I am as a guest. I can only get to my main org by clicking on link from outlook but only in web browser, cant get it in desktop app nor mobile app.

I got the same issue with desktop app and web browser. I have a main account and a guest account of another organization. Whenever I switch to guest account, it switches back to main account and sometimes it keeps on crashing and restarting. Mobile app is working fine.


Bloody Microsoft fix it!!

same problem here:(
Microsoft - Are we to understand that you will not be resolving the multiple user login issue?

It is a show of partnership and respect to let us know what you intend to do, not do, are capable of, or what you are not capable of,

Then we can make some informed decisions.
I know they (Microsoft) are still working on improving this functionality. There's a UV request posted above as well, but unfortunately UserVoice is temporarily deactivated due to some technical issues.