Problem with removing tabs from a teams channel

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I have removed tabs from our Team channel (namely, PowerBI reports) and added more tabs.  


On my app and in a browser, all is well but for all my colleagues, they see the new tabs and STILL see the deleted tabs.  Since they are not owners, they can't remove them either.


Any idea how that happenned and how to fix it?



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Sounds like a caching issue! Have them do a full logout of the client and log back in!

Hope that helps!


@adam deltinger Thank you for you reply!  that's also the first thing I thought.  I had one of them log out and reboot without sucess.  In fact, these tabs have been removed a few weeks ago!


Any other idea?

I’d create a ticket with Microsoft on this

Yeah, I guess that's the logical next step...

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Turns out I was the problem! The tabs were apparently only deleted on my profile and not at large. After a few reboots and log outs, they reappeared on my profile too where I was able to delete them again but, for good this time.

Thanks for the help!
Yeah, its visses Done issues sometimes with cache and so forth...logout and login fully usually resolves it

Glad it worked out!