Problem with instant messaging with Teams and Outlook 2019

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We want to try Teams app in our company. We configured the free version of app, check the box with option of using Teams as default chat for Office. After restarting Outlook 2019 appear a button "Send instant message" but it doesn't work - nothing happen after press the button, no error, no reaction. Emails are from users who are added in our organization in Team app. Has anyone similar problem? Thank you very much for tips!
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@Arek_W go to Settings and see if the Register Teams as the chat app for Office box is checked.

@Tony Derricott

Yes. The box is checked as I wrote before. But Outlook instant messaging still not working.

@Arek_W have you unchecked and rechecked the box then closed and reopened Outlook?

Yes. Of course. I also reboot the computer.
Depending on the Teams version if you are using the actual Free Teams, I doubt that feature works on that version, verses an Office 365 tenant because those features ride off Exchange Online etc.

Is Teams the Only Office 365 setup you are using or do you have a full setup and utilizing the trial licenses inside an existing enterprise tenant? If you can screen shot your drop down when you click your picture in the top right corner of Teams I can easily tell which you are using.
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Yeah I've signed into my Free Teams org and it does not work. Pretty sure you are on free Team org and this is why it's not working, it's currently designed around enterprise only with exchange online etc. to work with that feature.
Hi Chris,
Nice to meet you. Yes, I confirm that I am using Free Teams + desktop client Outlook 2019 from MS Office Professional 2019. I understand also that some functions are reserved only for full version, but in my opinion if Free Teams doesn't support this option - it should be disabled and not visible check box.

Anyway thank you very much for Your test. Now I know that Free Teams doesn't support option of be chat tool for Office. I have to looking for full trial version.

Have a nice day and one more time thank you for all people who tried help me.
Agree with that, it shouldn't be there on Free Teams! :).