Problem with app-based Teams login

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Hi Teams Community,


I run three MS Teams accounts via the program/app on my computer:

(1) A private one connected to my outlook account

(2) A business account provided to me from a company I work for

(3) A business account provided to me from another company I work for


Since a few days I can no longer login to my private MS Teams account. Before that I could easily switsch between these three accounts via the Team App installed on my laptop. Please help. Thank you.



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@Matas_01062020  Are you able to access your private account's team on the web if yes there is something going on with the client cache logged from all three and exit team and then login will fix this issue.


Besides here is an alternative tip for you on using all three accounts at the same time.


1 - use the regularly used account under the main MS Teams desktop app installed

2 - install New edge on Chromium go to login with your second account then go to ... > Apps > install this site as an app

3 - create another profile on your edge go to login with your third or private account then go to ... > Apps > install this site as an app 


@PDostiyarThank you, making me aware of conflicting login processes was very helpful. Indeed different browser-based and desktop-based loging can cause a problem. After logging in and out of all three of them on both paths solved the problem.

I liked your idea of consistently assigning different accounts to different login paths. However, as far as I know webcam video is not working when using teams via browser.

In general I am not happy with how Microsoft is handling different user rights. It is normal that different companies assign to you different Teams accounts. You have to be able to switch between them easily, this is no longer the era of "only one company I work for for life".

Thank you.

@Matas_01062020   Thanks for the reply and i am glad was able to assist and going back to Microsoft it is on the roadmap/user voice to have multi account login and even mutl tanent login, today you have multi account login in smart phone but coming soon to the desktop and web version.

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