Problem during Live event broadcast

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My organization has been using live events for a while, I personally have been producer of 4-5.


We do the broadcast connecting multiple speakers from different countries, so everyone in the organization can become more connnected.


Yesterday we hosted one of our quarterly events where the C-level provides updates about the company....the event was going well, everyone in all the locations were doing a great job, but at the end something went wrong, at some point, not sure why the image disapeared.


The attendees were still able to listen, the audio was fine, but the image couldn't be moved to the live feed, I tried pulling only the share screen, having only the webcam, having both, nothing worked. I also tried to leave the event and join again, use another producer account, nothing working.


This happened after the event have been going smoothly for about 45-50mins, all the suddlen the image that was live (ppt+webcam) disapeared (when this happen, no changes were being done to the broadcast, we were just listening to a presentation), when I as producer tried to put any content in the live feed I got an error message (but no error number), see screencap below:



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Seems like a back end issue with the service unfortunately. I’d create a ticket and also send feedback To Microsoft about this. Hopefully you can get any answers of what could have happened.