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My supervisor has added me to a team and the channels in the team i have 2 of them but the other 3 are not showing up.I should have more channels under the IT Support that im added to. HELP! I am added in there though and they see me added but its like im not some others are like that too its only doing it to certain members and others they add are getting in. Anyone else know why and how we can fix it? Ive logged out and back in ive uninstalled and reinstalled also. Is there a number for support? i cant even get a chat support option. Thank you for any feedback these channels are important to my job and need in them. 

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For a quick test, open the browser-based version ( and check whether you can see the channels therein. As for contacting support, use this:
Ive tried it that way too. Thank you. I will try support.