Prevent guest user from accessing Org wide Live Event

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We made some testing with Teams Live Events. We setup in Org wide Live Meeting ang thought that only internal users can join with the link. 


But any Guest user that was invited to a Team can also join the meeting with the link. From a security perspective this can be pretty critical. 


So is there a option to prevent Guest Users from joining an internal live event?

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@Benjamin Stierle whats the guest policy for live events in admin center?

@gothicherie Policy is set to everyone in organisation but guest user can join live events.



Hello  @Benjamin Stierle and @gothicherie


According to this article you will see the type of permission, tables with description:



Schedule a Teams live event - Office Support.png

Guest-users are users who are in your company's directory (AAD) and so they count as "Sign in users".


However, maybe  you can use "People and groups" Permission and Invite group 365 with all internal users.


I have not found a policy that blocks guests when inviting the entire Everyone in the organization


If anyone knows of such a policy I would like to know about it as well  (: