Powerpoint Standout mode enablement

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How can I enable this and is it only available when 4+ people are in the meeting?  I do have powerpoint live on my subscription pushed out. 

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Hi @Matth1850   this was announced at Ignite and should be rolling out soon  - see the attached for the announcement and additional info.  I don't think it's limited to 4 or more in the meeting, but I could be wrong. What's New in Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Ignite 2021 - Microsoft Tech Community

Seems to be rolling out now. It worked in a 3 person meeting for me.
How do you enable it for a 3 person meeting?

I still don't see it. And, the ellipse at the bottom next to the slide view icon is not working either: I click on it and nothing happens. Is there something that needs to be enabled, separately, for these 2 things to be available? Everything else regarding PPt live is working as expected.

Yeah, I don't see it anymore either.
I'm assuming that more development is being done on it.

Standout Mode is not an available option on my Share tray/ Share content window. Is there a required minimum for attendees that triggers the option to appear?

New Teams experience enabled | Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 2021-05-18.
Hello, the feature is still in "rolling out" status. So just a case of waiting for it to appear in your tenant. Sometimes you can quicken the appearance of new features by signing out / in again from the top right corner.
Hi Christian, when you mentioned rolling out in you tenant (you meant ring 4) my whole company is on Ring 3 so does it mean we should see it now ? Unfortunately the feature is only available on Ring 1.5 to our Admins. Is there any other place where we can check on Powershell to verify if we have it turned on ?
Hi, I meant GA (general availability) as you can see here https://www.microsoft.com/en-ww/microsoft-365/roadmap?filters=&searchterms=66587

No cmdlet for this.