powerpoint files stored in teams document library corrupted

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I have a folder of files stored in a microsoft teams channel. 

Recently, one of my team members left and I reassigned the email account to another new team member. 

then, when i logged into teams, a ppt file stored under the ex team member's account has become corrupted. i cannot load it, when i download it, it is empty. 

See attached for error message. 

then when i tried to open in powerpoint online, it prompted me to open in powerpoint. and then another error message: 



Sorry we couldn't find 'file link name'. Is it possible it was moved, renamed or deleted?


how can i restore it?


I went to onedrive and that channel wasnt listed as a folder so i cannot access it at all. 



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From the Teams files choose to 'Open in SharePoint', from there you will have access to restore previous versions and undelete from the recycle bin.

You said that you reassigned the email account to a new user.

  1. Do you mean the Office 365 account and everything associated with it? i.e. The new user signs into Office 365 with oldusername@yourdomain.com and a new password. 
  2. Or did you shift the email address to the new user’s Office 365 account? i.e. The new user signs into Office 365 with newusername@yourdomain.com and password, but has been reassigned the email address of the previous user, olderusername@yourdomain.com.

If you chose option 1, to just give the Office 365 account details to the new user, there shouldn’t be any access issues. If you chose option 2, you’ll need to give newusername@yourdomain.com access to the PowerPoint. 


thank you steven - i did that and opened in sharepoint. saw a folder for each channel in teams - almost. and in that channel that i needed, which has the most files - there was no folder. why could this be so?

Thank you Darrel. 

I did 2. oldusername@mydomain.com is now changed to an alias and the new user signs in with newusername@mydomain.com with the same account. 

How do i give access to the new account for powerpoint? 

As when i log into teams, the file owner has now been updated (took a couple of days) to that of newusername.


When i go into teams, almost all files can be opened - it seems like random files cannot be opened, and those are the files whose 'last modified' were arbitrarily changed to my account - thats how i identified files that were corrupted.

Look in the recycle bin, see if they were deleted by someone.