Porting out numbers


My organization is devolving a department and they are taking their numbers with them, there new phone provider is looking for some info for the port order which i can't see easily listed anywhere, O365 support seem confused and haven't responded. I see one part of an article on porting out but it only mentions setting a pin.



Does anyone know what should be listed as a BTN and what account number should be given out?




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It is the new carrier that you are porting numbers to that handles that. So they will create a LOA (Letter of Authorization) that you (or the owner of the numbers) have to sign and send back. The new carrier will then send in the porting request.

The BTN is usually the first number in the range if you are doing a full number range porting.

But when they fill out the LOA it requires the account number and/or BTN (And in some cases the pin) of the service you are transferring from. I have yet to see an LOA that does not require that.
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The answer for this is (As MS do not explicitly state on there documentation) Microsoft do not need a BTN or account number on LOA's submitted to them, just the Pin number you generate in the Teams portal.