Poly X50 & TC8 - External users can't see video

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We have a Poly X50 (version : 3.5.0-344025), with a TC8 (version : 3.5.0-210489) using Teams (1449/ - this unit makes up a meeting room which has its own Microsoft Teams Room Licence. All apparently the latest versions of the needed firmware on these devices.


Users can create a new teams meeting - include this room in the invite then join via TC8 (and their laptop if needed , remembering to join with the room audio and mute their mic on the laptop to stop feedback).


The X50 camera view shows up in the bottom right of the conference screen as normal and we see all the invited participants (if they haven't muted their video stream) - HOWEVER they can't see the X50 video even though that's not been "muted" - if the mute is done on the TC8 then the video goes to be replaced by the 2 letters of the Rooms name - click the  TC8 camera icon and the video starts to play to the room but not to the external users.


If we add a laptop to the meeting and use that devices video camera then the external users can see the video with no problem - sort of defeats the object of having a big screen conference system installed if everyone has to huddle around a laptop camera - especially for members of the company board.


Any clue to how to get the video transmitted to the external users ?

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We have exactly the same issue. it only seemed to occur when we updated to 3.5.0

We can see the room but external users  can't see us.



Our simple "fix" for this - reboot the X50 and then repair the TC8 before a meeting is scheduled to start.

Crazy as it seems it now works - not ideal but until a permanent fix gets found & installed it'll have to do 




Funnily enough that's what we did. We unplugged the Network Cable from the TC8 - Re-Booted the X50 & once fully open we plugged the TC8 back in.


Another thing we found from our install is when installed the Network Switch did not have POE, so we installed a POE Injector for the TC8. Without our knowledge the Client transferred the connection to a POE Switch, so we had also removed the POE Injector.


We weren't sure which of the above sorted it. We're awaiting a call from the Customer to see if the Fix is permanent.


Have you heard back from the customer ?
having some issues with 3.5 as well, considering upgrading to 3.6 to test (though not released via MS yet).


we are also facing exactly same issue and rebooting X50 is temporary working but it is not idea solution.

Sorry just seen this, we upgraded to 3.6 last week & we're waiting to see if it's worked.

@carolcallsmsuk I'm having the same problem here. We had 3.5 which was expected to fix the issue, it didn't. We downgraded to 3.2.x I think it was, which was some advice from Poly. This worked for a month, but now we are back to square one with lots of angry users. It is really unprofessional and frustrating. I'm going to try 3.6.x, but looking at the release notes it doesn't say a hell of a lot about Teams. So I do wonder just how extensive the testing is.

@TechJ1910 Same here, we deployed about 5 of these (X30 and X50) and it has been a disappointing experience with these devices since the start. Umbrella remarks from both Microsoft and Poly pointing at each other and no solutions offered. Same with HDMI ingest feature, deadline moved 5 times now... :\


Poly & Microsoft has released updates which should now fix this permanently.
Please note, you must upgrade firmware on the X device and then install the Teams App Update from the TAC.

Latest Poly OS is 3.7
The Teams app must be version 1449/

List of fixes:

• No Self view and TX video issues
• While using proximity join, video frozen when TC8 joins the meeting
• Mute status on TC8 is out of sync with X30 when joined to a Teams Meeting
• Not able to find external user from meet-now
• Video during a scheduled meetup is not visible sometimes on remote clients
• Video after proximity join is not visible sometimes on remote clients
• Video during a P2P call is not visible sometimes on remote clients
• Video during meet now with another participant is not visible sometimes on remote clients




Hi Steffen and thx for the update. Have you tested the update on more than one system?


Thx in advance