Planner not showing in Teams on on-premise Desktops


Hi there, we are experiencing a strange behaviour in our Teams-Desktop-Apps on PCs located in our Enterprise-Network (on-premise)


when you start the "planner"-Plugin , all you get to see is the planner "Icon" but no plans.

Also when signing in to "" you get an empty page.


BUT: login in via browser on a computer not located on-premise (or even better not even member of the domain) works like a charm.


Any ideas on this ?


Kind regards, 




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I think this must be an issue of the Planner App integration inside Teams
Your going to have a GPO applied to your internet options settings causing issues with a zone or security setting most likely that’s not allowing it to properly communicate would be my guess. I would start there. Then if you have any kind of application firewalls it something scanning traffic going out I would look there but you said domain machines don’t have the issues so it has to be something GPO / Internet settings related. What specifically I wish I had more info ;).

You could always F12 and go into browser tools and the network tab in chrome for example that shows all the connections and calls and see if something stands out there as well.