Pinning banner images to top of channels - full screen

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I'm just developing a Team for our group of 400 people, and am having some trouble with images.


For each of my channels, I wanted to pin a banner (which i've been able to do by adding it through a new conversation) to the top of each of my channels. The banners are nice and visual images, with some text over the top. The text is the name of the channel. I.e. Questions and Answers, and with some supporting text about what the purpose of that channel is.


The issue i'm having, is that when adding an image to a conversation, it leaves space for text whether you add text to it or not, and means that the banner isn't really showing as visually as i'd like. I wanted it to just sit at the very top above all the conversations so that every time you came to that channel, you'd know what it was for...


Any thoughts or workarounds? Even the fullest dimensions of the image would be great to know too.


Thank you :)


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@jkearley, pinned post do not stick to a place where people can always see them. When posting and pinning the post will be pushed to the top as communication in the channel proceeds. The only idea I currently have is to create nice Announcement post and pin it so it is accessible through the info pane at any given time.