Participant was removed from the conversation by another participant

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Hi All,

we are supporting the Teams in several educational environment. It often occurs, that a student removes an other from the meeting. As on the page Dashboard\Users\username\Meeting\Session\Debug seen in this situation:
Skype_ResultDetail=Participant was removed from the conversation by another participant.
OK. But who is this "another participant"? Is it a log anywhere to find it?

Another game is to muting others. Is it logged anywhere, who muted the other?


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I might be wrong, but I thing there is no way to get that information Today
I am not aware of any straight forward way of discovering this. But a work around is to change standard settings for meetings to lower the participants "status". Also educating the staff in how to change settings for their meetings. I.e who is presenter (can mute/remove users) or participants. Also they can change unmute and very soon who can turn on video.

@Szuni  Just adding to the conversation. Agree with using Teams roles here to avoid this happening. You should also go through available policies.


Keeping students safe while using Teams for distance learning (


Roles in a Teams meeting - Office Support (

Yes, preventing it is not a technical problem. But at some situations we exactly need this feature that the whole group can be a presenter.
So in any situations we won’t disable the function but it could be good to know, who kicked out one or other.