Participant get stuck in breakout room lobby

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We have participants who get stuck in the lobby in breakout rooms, eventhough the main room meeting setting is set to allow everyone to skip the lobby. In the main meeting no get stuck in the lobby.


When you check the meeting setting in the breakout room, only people from our organization can skip the lobby. The main room settings and the breakout room setting are not the same.


Can you change the meeting setting default for meeting setting?


We use Teams meetings only. No channel breakout rooms.  

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Hello, unfortunately you cannot toggle and set the main meeting options and have them inherited to the breakout rooms. The breakout rooms are separate meetings really so they follow the assigned meeting policy instead of the meeting options set in the main meeting window. So you would have to create a new meeting policy with the preferred meeting options, then assign this policy to your account (for ex.) and when you are organizing a meeting creating breakout rooms they will follow the newly policy assigned.

@ChristianBergstrom Thank you so much for your response. I will look into that.