Outlook Teams add in not working if signed in

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Since the last update of Office 365 and Teams, the Team add in does not work in Outlook when appointments are made. I can work around this error by logging out of Office. I use the same account for teams and Office.
Outlook version: 16.38
Teams Version It was last updated on 09/05/2020.

Error Message:

Screenshot 2020-06-26 at 10.23.24.png

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@AP_MS Hello, try reinstalling the Teams desktop app so the settings and associations gets reloaded.


But before doing that you could go through this info.


'Use the following steps to troubleshoot issues with the Teams Meeting add-in'


If still no success, report the issue to the official Microsoft support as suggested.

Hi @ChristianBergstrom I have already reinstalled teams before this message. I have already tested some other things e.g. sign-in / out, start order but without success.

I checked the link of you before and also tested some other hints in the net. all without success.