Outlook calendar copied to Teams Channel calendars

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I have sent out a lot of Teams meeting invites from my Outlook calendar to the personal email addresses of volunteers.


They have recently been given email addresses for the company so that they can access Teams for the meetings and view all the accompanying agendas etc. without me having to email them out as attachments. 


I've set up a calendar in the Teams channel they are part of but my question is do I need to resend all of the meetings again so that they appear in that calendar, or can I copy across all the meetings on my calendar so that when they sign in they can view and join the meetings?


I've tried to copy across but can't find a way of doing this? Any help would be appreciated as it will save a lot of work (and confusion from them)!


Hope this makes sense :) 


(I tried to put this on Microsoft Answers but it wouldn't let me submit the question!)

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