Outbound call drop when placed on hold from Teams

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Hi guys,

I am a newby with MS Teams.

I have been working on an issue where the external outbound call is dropping after 15 sec on hold. Other end user dosent hear the MoH and the Teams user like refresh at 6 sec after hold.

The issue first appeared for all user except one but later it is accross all our tennant.

Strange thing is today at some stage during the day issue seems to fix itself but this didn't last long and broke again.

We haven't change anything from our setup.
We are using Oracle SBC's and direct routing.

Has anyone encountered this issue recently?
We have updated the client, rmoved all firewall and disabled all VPN which is not showing any difference.
Having the issue happening on and off make it really hard for me to troubleshoot. Would appreciate any indights.

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