Our early Teams SharePoint sites are in the wrong place

We’ve piloted a few Teams teams.
Their SharePoint sites behind were created in a now undesirable part of our tenant.
The users of these pilot Teams don’t want their Teams deleted and recreated.
Is it possible to keep a Team but move the SharePoint site behind to a new url?
I know that changes on a SharePoint site can break it’s link to Teams, but I’m hoping someone has cracked how to move a SP site and either preserve or re-connect its links to its Team.
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There’s currently no way afaik, but move over the files etc to the connected Team site for their Teams. You can now also change the url for Team sites


Of course depending on how advanced your current SP site is set up this can be more tedious. For example if there’s lists, use of metadata with added columns etc, built home page etc, but in the case of just files it’s a easy fix
Curious to know what you mean by "undesirable" part of your tenant. By the way, your only choice if you want to follow your corporate guidelines in terms of Site names and URLs is to recreate the Teams and move the content from the Old Teams to the new ones