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  1. Why can Calendar events not be shifted around? If I have an event planned for every Tuesday in the week for the next 12 weeks and that then needs to be changed to every Monday, it becomes a real run around on Calendar. Here is how. 
    • I cannot simply drag the event to the Monday slot and affirm that it applies to all succeeding events.
    • If I change the date on the forthcoming Tuesday Calendar entry to the Monday, it will still not allow me to change the event's entire series of occurences.
    • I would basically need to create a new Calendar event for the Monday. This is tedious when you have already populated your original Tuesday event with all the invitees and now need to do it all over again. Specially tedious when there are a large number of individual invitees.
  2. And then there is no colour discrimination.
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Calendaring isn't one of Teams primary strengths, it's more of a "minimum viable product" type of situation. If you need the above mentioned features, and more, use Outlook to schedule your Teams meetings. 

@Vasil Michev 

Thanks Vasil. I will have to keep that in mind. Its just that any calendar application you use has the features that I am missing in Teams.