Open PDF file from MS Teams

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Hi Exp,


Need some help in opening the pdf files directly from teams without using browser but to use directly from adobe reader application and not the browser. Regards

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Hi @toni01 


Currently the Option available to Open the PDF Files are as below:-


1. Open the PDF File within the Teams Application,

2. Download the File and then we can open the File in the Adobe Reader


That is how currently we are able to open the PDF Documents by default feature of Microsoft Teams. Below is the uservoice feature already requested by multiple people you too can vote for the same


With Regards,

Satish U

Yes need instructions

anny idear when Microsoft will fix it? @Satish2805 

I want to open the file from Teams direclty in my local adobe reader in order for me to sign directly without dowanloading the file. Like MS Office application was available once you right click the document.

Hi @Michael_Brahe  All I can tell you at the moment is that this fix is in an active state and being worked on, but no ETA is listed.

Hi Satish,
We need to open the pdf file from ms teams, then we insert our signature. If we download the file and open in pdf its tediuos and create duplicate file.

@ThereseSolimeno would that future capability also allow you to open in Acrobat Pro so that you can utilize all of the commenting and editing tools?

What is weird is that some of our users can do this and some cannot.
They told me that they have been able to do it up until a week ago when it stopped.
Now I'm worried that it will become an issue across the environment....

I agree. All last year I could open PDFs directly in Teams. Then suddenly a week or so back it stopped. I have a mac, but so do some of my students who CAN open them. There must be a settings issue which needs explaining to sort this out.


I have the same problem.
The crazy thing is that it works in the browser with teams.
At least here you have a preview of the file.
In the local Teams client it doesn't work.

Yes, I am facing the same issue recent times. It needs to be opened in the browser as the workaround.
Hi all,
I was able to solve the problem with a tip from a colleague:

If there are phenomena on the client side that cannot be explained at first (only on local client) it is always advisable to remove/clear the complete cache of the Teams client.
Teams and Outlook must be closed for this (also check via Taskmanager)
Then rename the Teams folder under %AppData%\Microsoft\ to e.g. Teams.OLD
Then restart all programs and the folder is completely rebuilt