Onenote Bug in Teams

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Hi All, 


My team at work are just in the process of setting ourselves up on MS Teams, and as part of this, we want to integrate our OneNote notebook into it, as it contains a huge amount of information pertinent to our roles. 


However, when I go to add the OneNote tab, it seems there is some kind of bug. Please see the

attached images. 


I've checked and we're on the latest version of Teams. 

Can anyone advise what might be causing this issue?


Many thanks, 




Onenote teams bug.pngOnenote teams bug2.png

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Hi @m1kelss ,


It looks like you have redacted it, but that may be the bug. You should definitely get a list of your recent OneNote notebooks as below. 




Re-install the teams client, likely a dodgy install. Check on another users computer, if they see it then you know its a localised issue.

Hi Andrew,

I’ve done a couple of re-installs and the issue persists, and it is also present on my colleague’s PC.

If the issue isn’t client-side, do you know what it might be that causes this?



Hi @m1kelss ,


Do you get the same in the Teams web client? 


I don't know what is causing that, if its in the web client as well then that points to a tenant wide issue and I would raise a ticket in the admin portal to get that fixed.