Notifications not working

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No one in our office receives notifications for messages in our team channel even when mentioned. No banner, sound or anything. I've checked multiple times that all notifications are set properly I'm at a loss. The one thing that does happen is the task bar icon in the bottom right hand corner goes from green to red.

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make sure your users aren't set to DnD Status (Red status) otherwise they won't get notifications.

AV software has been known to block notifications from Teams before. Are you using desktop or web?

@Chris WebbWe're not in do not disturb mode, using desktop.

@nthoendel were you able to resolve this? We are still experiencing the same glitch. 

having the same problem here.



So frustrating...same here.  It will work sometimes, then all of sudden not work.  It's critical we can hear notifications so we can reply to clients in a very time-sensitive business.  I've tried desktop vs. web app, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera, desktop vs. mobile.  Mobile seems to always work the best.  Opera was working like a dream when I switched to it as an experiment a couple weeks ago.  Now it's not giving me sound or banner pop-up notifications in web browser either.  All of my notifications are turned on, nothing blocked.


Any ideas???  Skype was so much better in terms of this issue.  Never had problems there.

@DJFired I had the same problem.


I fixed it by changing the Focus assist automatic rules in Windows.


Go in to each Automatic Rule and uncheck the "Show a notification in action center when focus assist is turned on automatically.


After you do that for each Automatic rule you should update and restart your computer.


This fixed the issue for me.








That is not the problem for me.

I have two groups, with the same notification settings. I receive a message in both groups within 5 seconds.

One group gives me banner/activity, the other: nothing.

The only difference I can see is that one group is created from Office 365, while the other is created new.

Same here! Very frustrating because so much random.

I'm trying ti make Teams accepted in my company but this notification issue leads me to a fail because they are not confident with it. We have teams with guest users which are customers, suppliers or subcontractors ; How can I make them adopt Teams in this situation of not being sure that the attendees got notified from a new important post?!? 


From my side, I've activated all the notification in each teams I'm part of, and checked the Windows focus also. 


Please, hanging around on the web, it is clear that Microsoft is facing an issue here and since the beginning and needs to solve it urgently! We are all living a sad moment with this pandemic situation, but it is also a huge opportunity for Teams to become a champion because of the increase of teleworking. THIS IS A BUG THAT NEEDS TO BE SOLVED PLEASE. 

How is this still an issue!?


I can not get channel notifications to work at all, the best i have gotten is the channel it self kind of goes bald (pic attached)

Anyone else had more luck yet?

Been having issues with a certain channel myself. Have reported to Microsoft Teams PG. waiting on response to what’s going on. I’d recommend putting in a ticket as well if you can. I’ve had issues bot directions now. Getting notifications for channels I’ve turned off and no notifications I have them on for. It’s frustrating. Hopefully we get a fix soon!


is there any updates for this? seems the issue is not resolved yet, I happened to lose my notifications a couple of weeks ago, and then all group notifications were gone. The chat message could have banner, but i have no luck of getting mentioned or followed group messages. 

I've tried to reinstall, disabled and enabled notifications, reboot my laptop. But seems the issues happened on all my clients, different laptop and cellphone. 


No idea of this, my work is affected a lot, looking forward to solutions soon.