Not able to send images after one that failed to send

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Hello everybody.

I cannot get rid of images which were not sent. In one occasion I tried to send an image and it didn’t work. When I tried a second time it didn’t allow me to do it and there was no way of going back . The image is not there, however, it somehow prevents me from sending other images or just text messages.

The second time, in a private chat, I decided not to send the image I had selected, and again after that I was unable to send another image or a text message.  I was able to send an image and a text using my mobile phone.

I’ll deeply appreciate any help you could give me.

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@Betty_O  This is a common issue that happens sometimes I had that seen on my few times but it was resolved after I did update to the current version of MS Teams, even the time it was having the issue that was only showing for me while the image was looking normal at the other end for the recipients.


So update your MS Teams to Latest version, ask your teammate to confirm if they got the images even if you get the error, please provide your feedbacks here.

Thank you very much, @PDostiyar 

I'll update it and then let you know if the problem's been solved.


Hi @PDostiyar 

I’ve updated Teams but nothing has changed. However, I’ve noticed when using my desktop that the images that prevent me from posting with my laptop are not there.


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