Not able to Login Microsoft Teams Web


Dear Tech Team,
I'm unable to Login to Microsoft Teams Web. It gives the below error.
"We couldn't sign you in. Please try again."
But I could login to the same account on a different Machine. Please help me to debug and resolve the issue.
Venu Chamarthi

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What browser are you using? Is your org using single sign on? What happens after clicking your signed-in account?

I would close out all windows and then start again. Next, try another browser and see if that works. If not, Try logging in with an in-private window. If you’re able to login on the desktop app and in the browser on another device, it’s probably something to do with SSO or the browser. You could also check the MIcrosoft service status to make sure there’s no Teams, Azure AD, or other advisories flagged in your region.