Not able to change Student Policies applied on my account

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I created a new team in my teacher account because of which by default student policies were applied on it, due to which now I am not able to create new meetings for any of my channels. On using the admin account(since I am also the admin) I have changed the policies to Global-org and the message comes that the changes will be applied after few hours. But I don't see any modification even after waiting for a couple of days. I have attempted it multiple times but still no effect. Have been unable to create new meetings in Teams since couple of months due to this so have been using Outlook calendar to set them up. 

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Hello, you should start by verifying the settings in the global meeting policy either using Teams admin center or PowerShell (preferably the latter) and when that has been done confirm that the global policy is assigned to your teacher account. I know a change of policy can take some time, I've experienced 48 hours when changing it for a single user, but usually you don't have to wait that long for it to take effect.