No Call button in Teams desktop client


I try to setup Teams Direct Routing with an AudioCodes SBC, and inbound calls are working, but for some reason the Call button in the Teams client isn't visibleTeams.PNG
















Anyone seen this before?


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Only two things I can think of off top of my head is check and make sure that user has Phone System license activated, and also check you you have a voice routing policy for the outbound calls. I never set this up and probably may not have on here either, but just looking at the documentation that's only thing that really stands out. Usually call button doens't show until you assign a number to your user in Skype for Business admin/Teams admin center, so it's possible this is still a step after enabling the phone system license you might still need to assign the number (hopefully your number block is available to use there?).

This is my current settings



PS D:\> Get-CsOnlinePSTNGateway

Identity              :
Fqdn                  :
SipSignallingPort     : 5061
CodecPriority         : PCMA,PCMU,SILKWB,SILKNB
ExcludedCodecs        :
FailoverTimeSeconds   : 10
ForwardCallHistory    : True
ForwardPai            : False
SendSipOptions        : True
MaxConcurrentSessions : 30
Enabled               : True
MediaBypass           : False


PS D:\> Get-CsOnlineVoiceRoutingPolicy

Identity         : Global
OnlinePstnUsages : {}
Description      :
RouteType        :

Identity         : Tag:Unrestricted
OnlinePstnUsages : {Unrestricted}
Description      :
RouteType        : BYOT


PS D:\> Get-CsOnlinePstnUsage

Identity : Global
Usage    : {Unrestricted}


PS D:\> Get-CsOnlineVoiceRoute

Identity              : Unrestricted
Priority              : 0
Description           :
NumberPattern         : .*
OnlinePstnUsages      : {Unrestricted}
OnlinePstnGatewayList : {}
Name                  : Unrestricted


PS D:\>
PS D:\> (Get-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName

ServicePlan           ProvisioningStatus
-----------           ------------------
BPOS_S_TODO_3         Success
FORMS_PLAN_E5         Success
STREAM_O365_E5        Success
Deskless              Success
FLOW_O365_P3          Success
POWERAPPS_O365_P3     Success
TEAMS1                Success
ADALLOM_S_O365        PendingInput
SWAY                  Success
ATP_ENTERPRISE        PendingProvisioning
MCOEV                 Success
MCOMEETADV            Success
BI_AZURE_P2           Success
INTUNE_O365           PendingActivation
MCOSTANDARD           Success
SHAREPOINTWAC         Success

PS D:\> Get-CsOnlineUser -id | fl UserPrincipalName, EnterpriseVoiceEnabled, OnPremLineURI, DialPlan, VoicePolicy, HostedVoiceMail, OnlineVoiceRoutingPolicy, TeamsCallingPolicy, TeamsInteropPolicy


UserPrincipalName        :
EnterpriseVoiceEnabled   : True
OnPremLineURI            : tel:+45xxxxxx80
DialPlan                 : DK
VoicePolicy              : HybridVoice
HostedVoiceMail          : True
OnlineVoiceRoutingPolicy : Unrestricted
TeamsCallingPolicy       : AllowCalling
TeamsInteropPolicy       : DisallowOverrideCallingTeamsChatTeams


PS D:\>



It was replication, the Call button was visible after 24 hours

best response confirmed by Luca Vitali (MVP)

Microsoft says replication should take max 15 minutes but some customers reports, as you experienced, up to 24 hours.


But there is a neat trick to find out why the call button is not appearing.


From my blog:

If you have enabled a user for Teams and the call button does not appear you can check the log file why it is not appearing.

After the teams client is started press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+1.
A small dialog appears at the bottom-right.
Click on this and the download folder opens.

Open the file named "MSTeams Diagnostics Log" + datetime.

Search for "UserAppsStore"


You will get something like this:

2018-06-18T11:29:39.132ZInf UserAppsStore: Finished adding/filtering static apps
2018-06-18T11:29:39.132Z Inf UserAppsStore: Attempting to add calling with the following flags: {"isCallingEnabledByTenant":true,"isSfbCloud":true,"isEvEnabled":null,"disableCallingForHybridVoice":true,"pstnType":"OnPrem","isBusinessVoicePath":false,"isByotEnabled":false,"isOneToOneCallingEnabled":true,"isCallingSupportedEnvironment":true,"result":"removed"}
2018-06-18T11:29:39.132Z Inf UserAppsStore: Calling app removed


In this case the the client reports that the user is not EVEnabled and it also doesn't see the OnlineVoiceRoutingPolicy being assigned.


Check your configuration or wait for replication to take place if you recently activated the user.


I have the same issue for one of our users. No Call-Button in the TeamsWebApp and also in the TeamsClientApp. The user is licensed with an E3 plan. All other User's with this plan have the CallButton in the Teams-WebApp and also the Client-App. I've checked the User's SFB-Attributes with PowerShell and there are no diffrences to other users where the CallButton is enabled.

I've already tried to relicense and resync the user.


Does anyone have an idea?




This is what i got out of the MSTeams Diagnostics Log


 UserAppsStore: Attempting to add calling with the following flags: {"isCallingEnabledByTenant":true,"isSfbCloud":true,"isEvEnabled":null,"disableCallingForHybridVoice":true,"pstnType":"OnPrem","isBusinessVoicePath":false,"isByotEnabled":false,"isOneToOneCallingEnabled":true,"isCallingSupportedEnvironment":true,"enableVoipCallTab":false,"result":"removed"}
2018-11-17T12:22:04.738Z Inf UserAppsStore: Calling app removed, flags: {"isCallingEnabledByTenant":true,"isSfbCloud":true,"isEvEnabled":null,"disableCallingForHybridVoice":true,"pstnType":"OnPrem","isBusinessVoicePath":false,"isByotEnabled":false,"isOneToOneCallingEnabled":true,"isCallingSupportedEnvironment":true,"enableVoipCallTab":false,"result":"removed"}

From what I see the issue that the client does not see ByoT enabled:

From the log "isByotEnabled":false"

I've seen this a couple of times (most often i hybrid solutions) and sometimes it helps just running the powershell commands for adding enterprise voice and calling policies to the user again.


You might also try to disable enterprise voice for the user, wait 15 minutes then enabling it again and wait for 15 mins.


This is from my client when calling button is Enabled:


2018-11-30T09:26:15.857Z Inf UserAppsStore: Attempting to add calling with the following flags: {"isCallingEnabledByTenant":true,"isSfbCloud":true,"isEvEnabled":true,"disableCallingForHybridVoice":true,"pstnType":"OnPrem","isBusinessVoicePath":false,"isByotEnabled":true,"isOneToOneCallingEnabled":true,"isCallingSupportedEnvironment":true,"enableVoipCallTab":false,"result":"added"}
2018-11-30T09:26:15.857Z Inf UserAppsStore: Calling app added, flags:



Thank you very much for your response. We have an ADFS-Environment with AD Synchronization.  I'll try your approach and give you a Feedback.

We had the same problem when we started with Teams calling, we were activated in the TAP program for Direct Routing and got help from them there. Our problem was that after activating some users in Teams we didn't see the Calls button even after waiting a during a weekend, after sending log files to Microsoft they noticed the "isByotEnabled":false" and asked us to set AllowCalling again but that didn't help and after a couple of days they found "Replication issues" for our accounts, unfortunately they were never able to explain this more but Microsoft supported fixed it.

Not sure if it's relevant to this post but in order for us to resolve S4B & Teams call feature issues for our clients, we worked extensively with MS for over a year to build a MS-certified Connector that addresses issues and missing legacy PBX features that businesses still need and MS does not see the need to develop. Legacy features such as analog, faxing, ACD Agent log-in/out, true enterprise extension dialing, external paging, etc. are still being used by many businesses.  


I also have a question and would like to know what challenges (if any) have anyone faced when attempting to utilize MS Teams as a full-functioning legacy PBX phone system or UCaaS replacement?  Why aren't more companies using MS Teams as a phone system since it is free and included in the E5/M5 license pack?  The alternative Cap-Ex cost of a premises-based IP phone system is at least $300-$500/user (100 user company: $30k-$50K just for the phone system alone) plus Telco lines and phone service costs.  With Teams Calling, if you have E5, phone system is included and you just need a MS or 3rd party calling plan for $10-$24/user.  Why isn't this being adopted more?


I can confirm that I've heard the same story from other customers.

The feedback from Microsoft Support is that the error occured due to "replication issues" .

Not much to go on but the only way to fix it seems to be a ticked with Microsoft support.

So it would seem that replication is a bit buggish yet.

I remembered after reading a tweet when I had this problem and the sync problem we were still able to receive calls, even if we didn't see the Calls button. So that is something you can try, dial your number and see if the call arrives.

We've had some other reports from customers that they first removed "skype for business online plan 2" from the users whithout call button then waited for next sync and this made the call button appear.


@Kjetil LindløkkenSorry for delayed Feedback. In our case it seems that it wasn't a technical issue but a rollout plan from Microsoft itself. Suddenly all Call Buttons of every user disappeared and some month later the users got their button back one after the other. It looks like that there are some Microsoft technicians working in the Background.

@Christopher Gorny For non-Phone System users the Calls app being activated again (Microsoft activated it, deactivated it and now activated again), the issue here was from the start that a user with Phone System didn't have the Calls App.

@Deleted Is it possible to have Dialpad in teams enable even if the user doesn't use a calling plan from microsoft?

The phone system license is required then I think communication credit license is an option but I’m not 100%. Outside of that you must have a calling plan.
I see so 2 options Phone system and calling Plan correct to have the dial pad?
Have to have both yes. One enables calling use the other is calling outbound both required with assigning number etc. after you license and keypad will become active.

@Chris Webb Hi there


They have applied phone system and audio conferencing to my profile 45 hours ago and still the call button and dial pad is still not present. Im using teams for Mac. 


Please could you assist?