No access to Teams desktop app

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Hi all, I've been struggling with the following:


I've been using Teams (free) for months. I have an outlook account, to access my Teams I enter my (different) business email address. Since a couple of days, I suddenly cannot access the desktop version, with on Mac and pc. 


I can access the online version, but since it doesn't support video it's no use. The online version I access with my outlook account and password. This all works fine.

For the desktop version I use a different password, linked to my business email address. I tried changing this password, but with no result. 


The message I get is that there's a problem with my Microsoft-account and that I should check it out on Browsing my account page I can't see any problem. There are no references to any use of Teams, no warnings, nothing.

Digging deep, I found a page (but I cannot recall what the url was...) that actually shows me that my business account is indeed linked to my outlook account. 


I tried deleting the Teams map in the library on my Mac, didn't work. No surprise since it doesn't work on my pc. I got an error code before: 2:211. But I haven't seen that one recently.

I am able to log into a work account I own to access Teams for a client, so it does seem an account-based issue.


I am slightly beginning to panic now, I cannot find any similar issues online and I am really out of idea's.





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I solved it. I don't know why or exactly how. I just kept trying eve-ry-thing for a couple of days. Case closed.