New Meeting Experience Completely gone (not unchecked, not grayed out)

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I am an SCCM administrator for a medium-sized organization.  For some reason, we have multiple users that are on the same version of Teams.  Some are able to see the new meeting experience and some can't.  For those who can't, it doesn't exist AT ALL.  It is not grayed out, it is not unchecked, it is completely missing.  I have seen this on several versions of 1.4.xxxx for the last month or two, and there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.  Currently, I am on, and I do not see the new meeting experience.  We are having users complain because of the lack of consistency between teams on their home computer and teams in the Office.  

1) Is there any official documentation on the new meeting experience, what versions it should be included on, if it was removed as a feature, how to fix it if it's missing, et cetera?
2) Is there a Teams cleanup tool to completely wipe everything out and start a fresh install, in the event this is due to corrupted install?


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Hello, what you're experiencing is the new default. The "new meeting experience" has been an option previously but now it's being rolled out as default. I've heard of many not satisfied with it being forced but then again it enables many new features in Teams. When it comes to updates and version is doesn't really matter in the same way as for other products because they often happen backend.

This conversation explains a lot
It does not appear to be, as the users who do not have the new meeting experience also don't have large Gallery view or together mode options.

Sorry misread your post. So you have users on the same version but some are missing the checkbox and do not have the new meeting experience? You only mentioned large gallery and together mode. How about breakout rooms as that feature doesn't require a minimum of participants to create? (but part of the new meeting experience).

Seem to be related to Citrix and VDI mode. Seems to be a widespread problem and I've found a fix on a different forum. Just weird Microsoft wouldn't publish an article about it because it does seem to be basically everyone who uses Teams and Citrix having this issue.