Need Suggestions for Sales Type External Meetings and Calls

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Does anyone use Teams for sales calls and have suggestions on how to do them without cluttering Teams an Chat? 


I am looking to do calls with prospects where I either call through teams or do a meeting within teams, depending on the prospects preference. How can I do this so that the one time call or meeting is not forever listed under chats for either myself or the prospect? 


I thought of doing this through a channel, since they schedule meetings with me through our HubSpot CRM, but need to know if the prospects would be able to see who else I have met with or called using that channel. 


My goal is to track all of these introduction meetings, but not have them cluttering my day to day chat and teams lists, but also not becoming clutter for the prospects in the event they do not choose our location. 



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If you make a call it should just show up in your recent calls list.