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Hello all,


We have been using Teams with NDI for the last month, with a lot of success. However, it stopped working all of the sudden. Now, we can activate it as always, but Teams does not generate any NDI signals.


We have tested all the NDI installation and it seems to be working for the rest of the software that use NDI (Skype is working for instance), but Teams is giving us a headache.




We can enable and disable NDI, but no signal is generated whatsoever.


Is it a general problem? We have tried on different systems and accounts, and NDI is still not working.


Any help?



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Hi @AlbertoPadilla,

I remember I saw a tweet which may be related to this, this morning

Maybe this is what is causing your issue, and what is the solution

Hope it answers your question

Best, Chris

Thank you so much @Christopher Hoard 




It is amazing how they can change something like this in the middle of the day without even showing a popup with the changelog. I was not able to do a recording and had to apologize to our client.


Thanks again @Christopher Hoard  for your kind help!



I don't have this dropdown from the 3 dots which says broadcast by NDI - any ideas for a solution?

@AlbertoPadilla I'm not seeing broadcast NDI on the drop down. I 've been using NDi and teams with vMix since September but now can't see the NDI sources in my system


I do not know if you need to do any specific step to activate the option in the dropdown. It just showed up. I guess it came with some update.

My teams version:
You have Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 11/9/20.

@AlbertoPadilla I've got exactly the same version and last updated at the same time. Perhaps this could be a regional thing. I'm in UK and don't have that on the drop down

@AlbertoPadilla I've fixed it thanks - Had to reboot my machine after the update - Thanks 

@stainsn thanks so much.  I uninstalled/reinstalled, checked the version (same as yours) and then restarted.  voila!  hard to believe we have to just discover these changes, thanks again