NDI is not supported - error message

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As soon as I want to enable the NDI support within my Teams client, I get the following error message:

2020-09-18 10_29_33-Chat _ Microsoft Teams.png


What kind of problem do you think that is?
BTW. the meeting policy is adapted to accept NDI.


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@ThomschI have put in a service request about this.  I'm having exactly the same issue.  In terms of what it might be, my best guess is that it isn't supported outside the US, as I saw a comment on NewTek's YouTube saying:

"Ewald H. 2 days ago

in austria /europe it doesnt work to turn ndi on in msteams"
I'm very much hoping that's not the case, but can I ask if you're also in Europe?

@Aqueum correct, I'm also within Europe.

Thanks for your input.


To be honest, I don't think that's the reason. There are a lot of german youtubers also showing off some NDI examples with Teams...

It may be a bandwith issue?


My NDI was fine but when the network got busy it failed and then I saw that message. A restart solved it.

I'm in the US and ran into the same issue.... was using NDI perfectly fine within teams and 6 outgoing NDI sources to OBS (on the same computer). Right in the middle of our broadcast Teams just crashed and when it restarted NDI wasn't working.   Tried restarting teams a few times, but now i still get the "NDI is not supported".   Frustrating to have NDI cut out in the middle of a live event!




Here's my crash report in event viewer:


- <Event xmlns="">
- <System>
  <Provider Name="Application Error" /> 
  <EventID Qualifiers="0">1000</EventID> 
  <TimeCreated SystemTime="2020-11-10T02:25:35.069708500Z" /> 
  <Security /> 
- <EventData>
  <Data /> 
  <Data /> 



@Thomsch I have the same problem! Used NDI for displaying Teams video in OBS. Worked perfect! And then, it stopped working. Do you have any solution yet?

@robkuijpers   Hi all:  There was a tweet offered in another discussion today that may be relevant here:


I'm aware of this menu and was able to use that, but that's not my issue.


Teams works great on Nov 11th.... didn't reboot or do any updates on my system. On nov 13th NDI wasn't working in teams. The toggle in settings would go green for a second, and the the app would crash "there was a glitch", and then it'd restart. 


I've tried restarting the app many times, installing windows updated, checking for updates for teams, uninstalling the app, reinstalling, rebooting windows, nothing seems to work. I've also installed the latest NDI tools for windows from newtek.


This is the 3rd time in one week that NDI has stopped working (mid broadcast!). Very frustrating.  




Below is the error that's left in event viewer after trying to toggle the NDI feature.





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@Thomsch I got mine to work by disabling GPU acceleration in the General settings and then restarting Teams.  On my system with an Intel GPU, NDI would be selectable after a reboot but would then turn off with the "NDI is not supported" error as soon as I started a meeting.  Interestingly enough, after I disabled GPU and enabled NDI, I was then able to turn GPU acceleration back on and NDI continued to work (at least for now.)


Hopefully this works for other people - we'll see how it goes over the next few events.


@DeltyZero Your solution " disabling GPU" worked for me too. Thnx.

I had the same issue, I usually use teams with OBS. For just close OBS and restart teams solved the issue.


@DeltyZero (or someone else), just curious. How is the performance after disabling the GPU acceleration in Teams? Teams consume a lot of CPU already as it is so disabling the GPU would probably consume a lot more CPU which could jeopardize my vMix streaming productions...


As of today I still have this odd thing going on where I can't enable NDI from time to time. First of all I can't understand why I have to enable NDI under settings every time I start Teams. Why is not this setting stored as all other settings...? Secondly, why is NDI sometimes not available so you can't even enable it? This morning I had to restart Teams seven times before I even could enable NDI...


I run a lot of live streaming with vMix as primary platform and use Teams over NDI to hook up remote guests. It works great when Teams works as it should, but I have had a lot of issues related to NDI. That said NDI works just perfect together with all my other NDI-stuff so it must be something going on under the hood in the integration related to Teams and NDI itself. 


I have tried to find more information regarding NDI and Teams, possible workarounds, MS roadmap of further improvement etc., but it's hard to find...

@PeterBerglund for me it was hit-or-miss depending on which GPU the PC had.  For my machines with on-board Intel GPUs I was able to turn off the GPU setting, enable NDI, then turn it back on and NDI stayed enabled.  For my machines with nVidia GPUs, I had to leave the GPU disabled in Teams.  I do a lot of streaming via Teams and Wirecast over NDI and haven't noticed any major issues in doing so.  You can also turn off animations in the Teams settings to help reduce CPU usage with the GPU disabled.


I hope this helps!

@DeltyZero, thx for your reply. One thing that I don't really get is that you say that the CPU usage will be reduced with the GPU disabled... Is that really so? I mean general speaking you usually use a GPU to reduce the load of the CPU.  Confused.


@PeterBerglundI think you misread my post.  What I said was you could reduce Teams CPU usage while the GPU is disabled by also disabling animations in the Teams settings.  Does that make sense?

@DeltyZero, okay that makes sense. Thx. Then I just want to check one last thing: Will the quality of the NDI video feed from Teams be affected in some way if the GPU acceleration is disabled? 

@PeterBerglund Your question got me thinking... on an event I did last week, one presenter looked like they were at 480p, while another looked like they were at 720p.  Both were using identical laptops to present, so that was a head-scratcher.  Could it be the network?  No, they were both wired and on the same VLAN.  Could it be the laptop?  No, they were the same.  So what was it?  The one that looked better did not have NDI enabled but did have their GPU enabled!

So on a hunch I set up a couple laptops in my office and discovered that only the computer that you are using with your encoder has to have NDI enabled.  No other computers need NDI turned on (and therefore GPUs disabled!)  I was able to use NDI output from all computers connected to the same Teams meeting as the one computer with NDI enabled.  As long as the computer you're using with NDI has a fast CPU and plenty of memory it should look good no matter who is presenting in the meeting.


Try it out and let me know if you find the same to be true.


I hope that helps!


Hi @Thomsch


I'm still having this issue as of February 2, 2021. 




Microsoft Teams: (Enterprise 365 License)

Surface Book: Windows 10 Pro 20H2 16GB Intel i7 NVidia GeForce GTX 1050



I try both disabling / enabling GPU hardware acceleration. Restart Teams. Enable NDI in Teams. Sometimes it turns on, sometimes it says NDI Not Supported. 


If NDI toggles on in Teams, I test within OBS. NDI streams show up for about a second and then suddenly Teams reports that NDI is no longer detected (message at top of screen). 


Any guidance or fixes would be appreciated. Other recommendations? Should I use Skype TX with Teams somehow to be able to use this for professional level productions? 

@mromeo Here's what I would do:

1. Make sure you have the latest Windows update, although your org might not have the latest.  We're on 1909.

2. Get the latest nVidia drivers from, or install nVidia GeForce Experience to get automatic updates to keep you current.

3.  Update Teams.  The current version is so you're due for an update -


Hopefully having the latest versions of everything will fix your issues.