My 30 Minutes with Teams - a User Experience!

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Hi Teams,

I'm just new to MS Teams and beside of a little annoying registration process I bought a new camera to be a bit more up to date.

Ya, that was my plan but I were astonished very quickly about the result.
My 10 Years old 1.3 MP Logitech 500 is way faster (no stuttering frames) with a still good picture as my new Aukey PCLM1e.
With the Aukey I get only 5-10 Frames per second in MS Teams and (...that hurts a bit) from scratch 30 Frames in "Your" Skype and any other Communication Tool like Zoom etc. - why?
And what I noticed: No any Options for Cameras Settings which is a Topic in this Forum since months as I saw!

What If I had bought a bunch of cameras for my Team before testing!?
So, I were just 30 Minutes inside MS Teams and my first intention is: Leave it!

Lifetime are lost, 50 Bucks are gone!

Thanks MS

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Well, what camera settings are you looking for?


@adam deltinger 

all those familar and quite known settings from Skype eg.
I'd like to be able to set up my own colour, light, contrast etc. adapted to my ambient lighting.

Second, the resolution settings also hardly missing for situtations with a bad wifi connection or weak  LTE to set a lower resolution for better performance!

Third, my partners see me in fluent frames, no stutter but I see my own video in slow motion!

Even tested with Logitech C910 (older Model) - result own Video in slow motion!


To be able to held proper Video Conversations it is mostly important to see itself in same way as your partners do, but on my Desktop it is impossible unless I take my old Logitech 500 or my Laptop, no problems at all with those!


I just completely resetet my Win10 Pro on my Desktop and made a fresh installation - same result

So the question is: What the heck is going on under the hood of Teams?
Do they have Problems with older Intel CPU like Skylakes ?
Do they habe Problems with Z77 Chipsets like I have ?

If so,
MICROSOFT please take this as a hint to test wisely!

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1. Teams doesn't expose the old webcam settings menu, but if you read around a bit that's because it's always been terrible and lost all your settings regularly. There is a new feature coming for teams to automatically enhance your image.

2. Not necessary, Teams will do all that automatically, it adjusts resolution and will even turn features off to preserve call quality.

3. Try turning off GPU acceleration in the settings menu.