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Hi all, when multiple people are editing a single file in teams the file and editing process becomes very laggy and the whole process gets very laborious is there an alternative to this or work aroud

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Hi @planner9967

What about have some users sync the Teams Files in the channel to the desktop? If you go to the channel, select files Tab and then sync they will be able to directly work on the file outside of the Teams client out of OneDrive for Business. This may improve the speed

Let me know how you get on

Best, Chris

It's probably related to the increased high volume of usage during these days:


Never had an issue with editing multiple files within Teams, even if I prefer the Desktop app which indeed runs much better.

Absolutely @Dominik Hoefling - it will mean that for a temporary period user may need to work out of the Team client for heavy collab on office documents. Moving a proportion of them to work local may provide a slightly better experience during the period :D

Best, Chris