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I would like all members of the team to be able to move their shifts to 'open shift' as well as assign open shifts to themselves. 


I have created a team, made everyone an owner of the team. I have assigned a shifts to that team and included all team members.


Only myself and one other member can do what I stated above. The others all still have to ask for permission.  


All members of the team are also members of other teams in the same account and have shifts, as members, assigned to them in other teams. 


Is there something I missed? Any suggestion?

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Hi, did you ever get this resolved.  I just tested what you describe and had no issues with Team owners using the move to open shifts option.



Yes, to move an assigned shift to Open shifts you have to be an owner. Strange that is only two of the owners in your team that are able to do that, might be that you have to wait a couple of hours after making them owners.


Members have to request to get an open shift and then an owner have to approve it, only owners can move an assigned shift to open shifts. Members can offer their shifts or swap them to others but not move to open.


There is an uservoice request with status Planned that requesting that others that Team owners should be able to manage shifts.
Shifts - Let non owner manage shifts – Microsoft Teams UserVoice

@PeterRising Can you move an assigned shift to open shifts as a member? Not owner? I cannot do that when testing.

@Linus Cansby 


No that's my typo, sorry - should have said owner (corrected now in edit).  This is what the OP has setup though it seems - all set as Teams owners, which as you say is strange is only working for two.  Unless it was a timing thing.