Multiple notifications for the same chat

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Is there any way to reduce the number of notifications I get from a chat to just one? Right now, if someone sends me:


"Hi" (return)

"I have a quick question" (return)

"it's about x" (return)

"Can I do...." (return)


I get 4 popups, all on top of each other, all displaying the message. This is intrusive, and due to the sensitive nature of some content, it can be really bad if I'm sharing my screen, or have someone looking over my shoulder. 


Skype, for comparison, will show the first message, and then just flash/make a noise for subsequent messages. This allows people to send "." and then any sensitive information in order to help protect the recipient. Is there any way to mimic this behavior on Teams?

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This is a common request! Multiple uservoices open currently for this including this one here

Would recommend you vote to push it up the agenda. A lot of people here on TC would like to see this

Best, Chris
Go to your profile page - settings and then notifications! Here is different Settings on replies!
also regarding channel messages you can now click on the three dots on each channel! This shows “channel messages” and then you can turn off notifications on replies here!

Doesn't that just turn off all notifications? I would like to still get the first message. @adam deltinger 

To be cleAr, not related to private chat!

Also set yourself to do not disturb when presenting

@fschaeffer Teach them how to use the formatting functionality of chat/conversation so you can do multi line messages. Then you'll just get one... 

Haha, yeah just figured that bit out of the post! Use shift - enter and that will set you on a new row :face_with_tears_of_joy: - or as Robin said, use the formatting button!
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