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Hi, I've update two MTRs (one Crestron and one Poly) to MTR App version specifically to get the "Switch to video gallery layout even when content is present" that this update says has been introduced, but I don't have that option to select when I'm in a meeting with content presented.

I am restricted to "Presentation View" and "Combined View".


Am I missing something? Do I need to so something else to enable it? The Windows 10 Kiosk is running 1909 as well, latest supported version.



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Take a look at:

It might point you in the right direction as it details when and how it should work.



@HenryPhillipsNimbitech, thanks for the link but I had already read this article prior to doing my updates. Comparing what Graham had done with my MTR is how I realised there was something not right with my MTRs.

Hi Murray, have you got one or two monitors connected to your MTRs? Also what tenant are you on? Enterprise or Gov tenant? This feature is rolling out in enterprise tenants, not sure if it has hit gov tenants.

Hi @Graham Walsh, thanks for responding. All systems I've tried were one display on an Enterprise tenant.

I'm WFH this week, have scheduled some time on Monday when I am back in to check if it has appeared yet.
My current thinking was it was something to do with the feature rollout.




@Graham Walsh, I checked the poly unit this morning and it now has the different layout views.

I must have been too fast off the mark when I first tested tested it.