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Dear sir(s),


We establish online webinars from msteams.  The webinars are given by different people from our company and the company person who gives the webinar enters msteams with the msteams basic user account, finishs the webinar and logouts from this basic user. The user name for this account is "Technic" for example.

For our company's different webinar if this user is invited to this new webinar with the user's mail address, the user automatically enters from the  msteams basic user account name under the user "Technic". This invited company user can not enter with his/her name. How can they enter with their user name? We want to enter with our user names rather than "Technic" in this case.

We only have one basic account to give the webinars.


Evrim Zorlu




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Can you help us with the question please?